Personal 1-1 classes

Have 1-1 world-class training sessions from our coaches, where you will get personalized attention and guidance and handholding in every step of your chess journey.

Based on your rating and needs, we will allocate you the right trainer who will help you in your learning journey.

  • Homework will be provided regularly
  • The timetable will be provided on what you should study in your own time, and how to study.
  • The first few sessions will be spent in understanding your game and playing style and based on that we will create a working plan working on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The sessions will primarily focus on improving your middlegame, endgame and analytical knowledge. We will focus very little on your opening knowledge, as it’s not the most important thing for players upto 2200 rating level.

Contact us to get more details on scheduling a 1-1 session.

The “TOP TEN” program

This is a 3-month online group and individual training program specifically designed for ambitious and dedicated students who want to excel in the game.


  • 100 hours in total of group training by GM Priyadharshan Kannappan and other visiting GM.
  • 15 hours of individual training.
  • Exclusive program for 10 students, so you get individual attention even in group sessions.
  • 100 puzzles every month, so a total of 300 puzzles over 3 months.
  • Books will be recommended that has to be studied within a stipulated time frame.
  • Access to an invite only Facebook/Whatsapp Group where you can regularly interact and share ideas with other players of the program, and improve collectively as a group.
  • Handholding and Regular Feedback provided to the players.
  • Session recordings will be provided for 3 months.

…and many more features

As there are only 10 slots in this program, we will do a screening of the applicants and then select them for the program.

You should apply for this program only if you have on average 1 hour a day to spend on chess.

Additional information, like class timings, will be revealed soon. The first batch is scheduled to start on November 2020.

Fee Structure

If you apply before Oct 15, 2020 – Rs.1,20,000 / USD 1800

After Oct 15,2020 – Rs 1,35,000 / USD 2000

If you are selected for the program and refer a friend who also gets selected for the program, then both the parties get an additional Rs.5000 / USD 75 discount. You can refer to multiple people and get this discount multiple times.

Once you are selected for the program, you need to pay Rs.15,000/ USD 250 to confirm your seat in the program within a week of you getting the confirmation email.

*The program will commence only when the batch is filled.

Are you looking for some specific chess learning that is not listed in here? Feel free to reach out to us, and we can create a plan based on your needs.

Chess 1-2-5 Program

Please fill out the participation interest form here –

  • One Class every week from 6-7 am IST (which is 530-630 pm PST, 830-930pm PST)
  • The program runs in 2 months cycle. 9 classes per subscription
  • Each group will have up to 5 paying participants. 
  • We chose 5 player groups, as we did extensive research and found  that groups of 5 has the right balance of personalized touch to the lessons, where the instructor knows you by your name, and at the same time you get the power of group lessons, as they are priced at a nominal cost.
  • The big value of group training is you can make new friends from the sessions who can become your playing buddy or training partner outside of the classes.
  • The classes will only focus on the middle game and endgame concepts that would benefit everyone in the group.
  • The classes can’t be used for personal game analysis or for individual opening discussion unless everyone in the group is interested in learning the same opening.
  • We will put together the group of 5 participants who are similar in strength.
  • In case the instructor has to cancel a session, an alternate session will be arranged.
  • We will reach out to you, once we have found a group for you with other similar participants and then the sessions will begin.

Pricing Of The Classes

Grand Master Level coach

Cost per student for 2 months (in USD) : 200

Cost per class per student (in USD) : 22.22

Approx 2200 rated coach

Cost per student for 2 months (in USD) : 150

Cost per class per student (in USD) : 16.67

Approx 1900 rated coach

Cost per student for 2 months (in USD) : 100

Cost per class per student (in USD) : 11.11

Note : The above-mentioned prices don’t include transaction charges if any.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]