Results of May 2021 Academy Tournament

On May 15, 2021, Chessgyaan hosted two internal academy tournaments for the students, and we had a lot of exciting games and here are the results from the practice tournaments!

The first event of the day, which was conducted at 11 AM IST, was won by Adhi from Singapore.

In the second event of the day, which was conducted at 11 PM IST, the event was won by Aaryan from the USA by winning all his game and scoring 7/7 to have 14 Arena points.

Aaryan pic

(Aaryan swept the field with his strong play)



Academy tournaments are currently held twice a month to suit the time zones of our students who reside in 12 countries.

The tournaments are held in Arena format with a time control of 5 minutes + 2 seconds increment per move, giving the participants enough time to think and play and not rush with their moves.

Congrats to all the participants, and looking forward to future events!

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